Desktopify converts web widgets into desktop widgets

Desktopify is a web service that lets you convert web widgets into standalone desktop widgets to be used on the Windows or Mac desktop. Web widgets are those typical widgets that we can embed in our blogs or websites, consisting of a snippet of HTML or JavaScript code or Flash content. Desktopify can take these codes and convert them into self executable files.


Flickr Slideshow desktop widget

Desktopify has several desktop widgets already available like Flickr slideshows, Remember the Milk, Digg top stories, Google Maps, etc ready to download and install on your Windows or Mac computer. You can also create your own widgets by supplying the HTML or JavaScript code of the web widget. The trouble however could be finding the necessary codes. Not all websites provide parts of their site or a service in a widget form.

Some time back we wrote about a similar tool called Snippage, but Snippage was just a browser. Desktopify on the other hand creates self-running EXE files packaged in an installer that you can easily share with others.

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