Find eBay auctions in your neighborhood with Flippity

Shipping fees has always been a big deterrent for me when shopping online, because often the shipping costs exceeds the cost of the product. If you hate paying for shipping too, you will be interested in Flippity, a web service that searches eBay auctions based on what you’re looking for and where you live.


Flippity lets you search for an item and the place around which you want the seller to be located. It then plots all of the results on a map, and lets you pick the radius you’re willing to travel to pick up the winning auction instead of having the seller ship it to you. The service is ideal if you’re buying something that costs a lot of money to ship, or if you just want to save on the shipping fees and drive to meet the seller instead. Unfortunately, Flippity can only search for US locations.

When the service finishes the search, Flippity displays results of the search on the left as thumbnails, and a Google Map on the right inside a circular radius from your exact location according to the zip code you entered during the search. There are pushpins on the map indicating locations of the auctions underway on eBay. You can click on the pins to see details of the auction. The radius slider can be adjusted too to display more or fewer results.

You can set a minimum and maximum price to narrow down the results based on your budget, or further filter the results by displaying only ‘Buy it now’ or ‘New items’. Clicking on an item will take you straight to the eBay auction page.

[via Appscout]

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