How to know when your emails are delivered or read

WhoReadMe is a free email tracking service that lets you track emails you have sent and inform you when they get opened. There are many email tracking services available, all work on the same principle – by embedding a small invisible tracking image to the mail. Some services require you to generate the tracking code and manually paste it on to the mail, while others require you to use their email service. WhoReadMe is of the latter kind but it doesn’t require you to abandon your existing email address.

With WhoReadMe you can associate your existing email address and send mails from it, so that your mails always originate from the email ID you own and use. Any replies to the mails you send will therefore end up in your existing email inbox like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.


The only thing you need to do is send mails through WhoReadMe. You can do that using their web interface or setup an SMTP account from your email client. Alternatively, you can send the tracked email from your own email client by adding suffix "" to your recipient email address. E.g: [email protected]


Once the mail has been composed and sent, you can track it from the Email Status section on your WhoReadMe account. With WhoReadMe you can:

  • Get email notification each time your email was read
  • Set expiry date of your email content
  • Calculate duration between the email sent and read time
  • Send email with attachments
  • Get email notification when attachment is downloaded
  • Keep a copy of your sent emails for your refer
  • Track recipient location
  • Track recipient browser details, such as operating system, browser name, version, etc.

WhoReadMe lets you send 20 free email or to 20 recipients everyday.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I am sooooo inclined to click on a link in a email from someone pretends to know me… it says I must click on a link to read a email. It cannot be done any other way, like including the content of the email in the email itself.

    I mean, nothing bad could possibly happen when clicking a link in a email, right?

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    You don't have to click on any links on the mail. There is an invisible image on the mail, and as soon as it loads, the message gets tracked.

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