How to stop buffering a YouTube video

Somehow Google felt that this wasn’t worth mentioning, perhaps because they have more pressing matters at hand such as the lawsuit against Viacom, but this new YouTube feature didn’t escape the notice of long time Google blogger Alex Chitu of Google Operating System. It’s possible you have noticed it too.

When you right click on a YouTube video you will find a new option “Stop download”. Clicking on it will stop buffering the video. So why this is a good feature? Because it allows you to stop a video from downloading midway.


When you open a YouTube video page, it starts downloading the video immediately. If you open 10 YouTube pages all 10 videos will start downloading together. Now you can prevent this.

Another use of this option is if you are interested only up to a certain part of the video. As soon as you’ve seen what you wanted to see, you can stop the video from downloading the remaining part without having to close the page.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    justin bieber somehow fits perfectly to this situation

  2. Anonymous Reply

    This "stop download" option is STILL NOT ENOUGH! By the time you right click on the 10 video downloads they are done sdownloading. I have a download limit with my ISP plan and I am getting sick a tired of paying extra usage for this crappy YOU TUBE design. I avoid you tube like the plauge, as do an increasing number of "limited download" users.

    Also- Why ar'nt YOU TUBE vids stored in a buffer to re-play them once downloaded??!!! Re-downloading from the beginging every time you stop the download or click on a differnt page!!?? COME ON !

    STORE previous downloads so we dont get charges by our ISP for reloading them every time we watch them !!! Because of this, YOU TUBE SUCKS! well as the only 2 Canadian ISP companies – Rogers and Bell. How about allowing U.S. ISP's into Canada for some Competion instead of price fixing?

    I pay over $30 for 2 gigs a month. $5 for each gig over. Bills can be as much as $70 because of reloading, video ads and crap I dont want to watch but have no choice. This is robbery and folks are realizing they DONT NEED the internet at that price and are disconnecting.

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