How to use a fake webcam video on Chatroulette

Lately a website called Chatroulette is creating a lot of buzz in the blogosphere, and unless you just emerged from under a rock you have probably heard and used it too. Those who are truly clueless, here is an extract from Wikipedia:

Chatroulette is a website which pairs random strangers for webcam-based conversations. Visitors to the website randomly begin an online stranger chat (video and text) with another visitor. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.


When you go to Chatroulette you face a random stranger on webcam and he faces you through your webcam. A webcam is essential to chatting on Chatroulette. What if you don’t have a webcam or you don’t want to show yourself to random people on the Internet? Can you use Chatroulette without a webcam? Of course you can, thanks to virtual webcam software.

Using a virtual webcam software you can use a pre-recorded webcam video, or any video for the matter, and get into Chatroulette. This is how to do it.

What you need

  1. Manycam – this is a free software.
  2. A video, preferably a chat video. You can find one by searching on YouTube, but don’t use Jonas Brothers videos; those are too common on Chatroulette now. You can use a photo but that would also give you away, unless you just want to be a troll. We will come to that later.

Setting up Manycam

  1. After you have downloaded and installed Manycam, run the program.
  2. Click on the Sources tab and then click on Movies.
  3. Click “Open a new file” under “Recent files” and load the video you want to use. Manycam supports AVI, MPEG and WMV. If you have downloaded a video from YouTube in the FLV format, convert to any one of the supported formats using Oxelon Media Converter.


  4. Click on the Play button and turn on the Loop video feature.
  5. There is one more thing to do and that is remove the Manycam logo from the bottom of the video. To do this click on “Effects” tab, and then click on “Text over video”. Now uncheck the “Show Manycam logo” option.


  6. You are now set. Just go to Chatroulette and start chatting.

Use talking pictures on Chatroulette

To add more fun you can use a talking picture on Chatroulette. To make your pictures talk and create a video out of it you will require a screen casting software like CamStudio or Camtasia.

  1. Go to this page, and click on “Create my Actor”.
  2. Upload an image of the character you want to make it talk. It can be a person or an animal.
  3. Drag the numbered feature points for the eyes and mouth using the example image on the left for reference.
  4. Once you are done, click on Let’s Talk.

Since the website does not give you an option to save the talking picture into a video, we will have to use a screen casting software to do it. It’s pretty easy to use these. Simple mark the region on the screen around the image and record that region as a video. Here is my result.

Now load this video on Manycam and have fun on Chatroulette. See you there.

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    I AM PISSED OFF! anyone that uses these, especially the person that used the jonas brother one to me on chatroulette, your a fucking loser! get a life you pedifile, and look at someone your own age. no one wil belive it now, cause ive made sure of it. the next time this happens, the police said that they are closing the website. thats if I see something again, so just thought id warn you you old hags! screw you.

    • Unknown Reply

      It has 3 letters and it likes sucking men, what would you be?

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      ROFLMAO the police cant close a website AND it has happened 10 billion times soi guess your FUCKED your dumb enough to belive those fags would talk to you anyway still…..ROFLMFAO

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    Baha fag.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Wow, ur a douche loolll

  7. Unknown Reply

    it's happened again………………..

    Yet chatroulette remains

    I bet that anon isn't voting labour

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    Lmfao, Marti. Legend.

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    Good Stuff…love using a Hypnotoad gif

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    where can i download it

  11. Anonymous Reply

    cant find a video of a guy 2 use

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Go to youtube and search for video to use on chatroulette and you can find some good videos there.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Not sure how to save youtube videos? :/

  14. Anonymous Reply

    man this messed my computer? do u need a webcan 4 this?

  15. The Non-Angry Anon Reply

    I think the angry anon needs to realize that he/she/it is the one who doesn't have a life.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Thank u so much by the way you can use images by doing the same process except instead of clicking on movie you click on still images

  17. Anonymous Reply

    ummmm when i put in an AVI video is says the video file cant be open, going to delete from list. how do i fix this? please help

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Hey I did all the steps but When I click to select the movie It keep saying it wont use it. And it was an avi/WMV

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    the guy from April 28, 2010 1:07 AM needs to cool his tits. so if ur reading this thing man, cool them, now.

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    how do you hide the logo on macs???

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    For some reason chatroulette doesn't show manycam as one of the options for a camera. It always just my webcam.

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    so i can pretend to be someone else on webcam? and people will think its me?

  23. Anonymous Reply

    obvious troll is obious

  24. Sarra. Reply

    >"I AM PISSED OFF! anyone that uses these, especially the person that used the jonas brother one to me on chatroulette, your a fucking loser! get a life you pedifile, and look at someone your own age. no one wil belive it now, cause ive made sure of it. the next time this happens, the police said that they are closing the website. thats if I see something again, so just thought id warn you you old hags! screw you."

    >>*Video removed by the police.

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    think i am gona try this becose i dont got webcam, gona get soon tugh i hope, but needa do chatrulet again , it was sooo funny 🙂 😛

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    does the downloading thing give viruses o.O

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    can i pretend to be someone else

  28. Anonymous Reply

    ChatRoulette has decided to block all fake webcams. However, the latest MagicCamera virtual webcam added a new feature to fight for the blocking. Magic camera will let you customize your fake webcam name to avoid blocking. But MagicCam is not free. It costs $19.95 after 30 days free trial. See:

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    Just wanted to say this… HI!!!!!

  30. Anonymous Reply

    yes. magic camera works with chatroulette. and the free code is:piRZJmX!9L

  31. Anonymous Reply

    Anyone having trouble with it just following the cursor around instead of it being locked on the video?

  32. Anonymous Reply

    Someone did this thing on me with Bill Kaulitz! Fuck, I was so pissed. I'm not gay, but damn.. have you seen that guy? :/

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    why my webcam won't work,when i wanna talk

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    doesnt works.. still have my camera on chatroulette.. i did everything like i needed

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    YOU GUYS ALL PlAY RUNESCAPE !! USELESS PIECES OF CRAP!!!!!!! > search > 'how do i get a life'.

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    Can u use this program on msn too ?

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    doesn't work i did everything and it doesn't work

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    how do you get the sound from the video to play? Other people cant hear the video…

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    It has come to our attention that the latest revision of ChatRoullette has made it so the Manycam program no longer works with their site. If you find that to be the case, then please check our list of other sites like ChatRoulette. This page has a list of other sites that function essentially the same as ChatRoulette, but still work with the ManyCam program. You can still follow the instructions below to setup ManyCam, as they will still work no matter what site you decide to use.

  41. Anonymous Reply

    Nah!! It doesnt work Man

  42. Anonymous Reply

    If I make a music video, will the music pass to the viewer also?

  43. Unknown Reply

    when you play the vid why want sound. its not necesarry. the person would catch you then.. just type to the person and give an excuse like your mums around .. or you pcs got prob..and you can pause the vid for a while and then when the person ask, you say network probs.. you can also get back some minute when the video is going to end.. do it very fast and smart.that the person wouldnt see it was a repeat.. yes you can..

  44. Anonymous Reply

    try this

  45. Anonymous Reply


  46. Anonymous Reply

    not cool pedophiles use this to record people

  47. Anonymous Reply

    My rock was so much better…

  48. cat Reply

    Manycam still works in chatroulette, i went there yesterday and i entered with manycam and i put some videos and photos and it let me do everything i wanted!

  49. Anonymous Reply

    how i get the video on chatroulette?

  50. annonymus Reply

    yah i cant get it on chatroulettte

  51. Anonymous Reply

    How do you save it and how do you get it to go on chatroulette?

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    How do I change the picture? Because when I tried it messed up my other one and i cant get either one to work

  53. Anonymous Reply

    white power

  54. Anonymous Reply

    its not working i can't add videos

  55. Anonymous Reply

    using this Prog kinda goes against the whole ethos of such a site and therefore the folks who use these kinda programs are using it to hide themselve's for a reason which I don’t have to elaborate on, if you have nothing to hide then you wouldn’t be using such a program if your uncomfortable showing your face to a Stranger then simply put a piece of tape across the dam webcam built into your PC! It’s not rocket science, we all have idiosyncrasies but seriously look at yourself hard in the mirror…..oooo actually prob better you don’t! lol …better suggestion is simply go out on a Friday/Sat night rather than stay in and try and use these kinda sites which are a playground (oooo prob not the best word choice!) for parasite’s!

  56. Anonymous Reply

    what about the people who DONT have webcams smart-ass? yes exactly your argument is invalid

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    I like Virtual Webcam by
    Its FREE
    and it plays more video formats and even fix the video which are not of proper size.

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