Insert chemical symbols in Word documents with Chem4Word

Chem4Word is a chemistry addon for Microsoft Word developed by Microsoft Research in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, that makes it easier for students, chemists and researchers to insert chemical information, such as labels, formulas and 2-D depictions, from within Microsoft Office Word.

Previously users had to rely on third-party software to design chemical structures. Some even used MS Paint to draw molecules! Now no need to do that.


Unfortunately, Chem4Word works only on Word 2007 and Word 2010. People using earlier editions like Word 2003, Word XP or earlier will have to upgrade if they want to harnesses the power of the Chemical Markup Language that Chem4Word uses, that makes it possible to author chemical content in Word.

In addition to authoring functionality, Chem4Word enables user denotation of inline “chemical zones,” the rendering of high-quality and print-ready visual depictions of chemical structures and the ability to store and expose semantic-rich chemical information across the global chemistry community.

Grab Chem4Word from Microsoft Educational Labs.

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