Matt Cutts says Google’s secret formula not so secret

Microsoft isn’t the only one who is facing the wrath of the European Commission for supposedly “unfair practices”. Google is another organization against which the European Commission opened inquiries following competition complaints by three different companies, one of which is, ironically, owned by Microsoft.


Google’s Search Quality Team head Matt Cutts wrote in a blog post defending Google’s policies and revealing details about Google’s Page Rank formula, among other things. Matt Cutts says that Google has written thousands of blog posts across 70 odd Google blogs specifically to help site owners understand how Google works and help them rank appropriately in their search results. “We also provide extensive public documentation on our web site with advice for publishers”, he wrote.

He then lists out dozens of different ways Google has tried to reach out to webmasters and help them understand how Google’s search ranking works – publishing research papers, organizing conferences, live chats, participating in online forums (WebmasterWorld), producing podcasts and so on. He posted so many hyperlinks, it will take you at least a day to read through all of them.

Ultimately, criticizing Google for its "secret formula" is an easy claim to make, but it just isn’t true. Google has worked day after day for years to be open, to educate publishers about how we rank sites, and to answer questions from both publishers and our users. So if that’s how people choose to define "secret," then ours must be the worst kept secret in the world of search.

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