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PicasaExt – Access Picasa albums from Windows Explorer

PicasaExt is a free addon for Windows Explorer that provides better integration with Google's image editor and manager Picasa.

To make PicasaExt work, you must have Picasa installed on the computer. PicasaExt reads the ini files that Picasa uses to store information and makes them available on Windows explorer. Currently, the only thing it does is show starred pictures in Windows Explorer, but we hope there will be more features in future releases.



  1. This is pretty awesome, but it seems to me any files you have in Picasa, you more than likely have on your local drive. So why would you use it? I guess it would work if you had files from work that you couldn't rightly store on your home computer, but you needed quick access. For instance, I worked with a information officer who maintained a Picasa album for the district. It was fine and dandy for him to have photos of students on his working machine at school, but wouldn't have been so fine and dandy for them to be stored on a his home machine.

  2. This software is for managing photos on Picasa through explorer, not for viewing photos. You can upload/download photos by simple copy pasting just like you do it on your local hard drive. See Skydrive explorer and Gladinet to understand why it's useful.

  3. I have installed it, but I don't see my picasa albums in explorer. Am I not looking in the right spot? I do see the star overlay on my favorite pictures so installation presumably went well.

    By the way, is there a way to turn the star overlay off? I'm primarily interested in the ability to access my picasa albums through explorer.

  4. I'm the developer of PicasaExt, and this article is completely incorrect- it does not allow you to access your Picasa albums. The only thing it does is show a star overlay on the photos that you have starred in Picasa.

  5. Apologies for the mis-information. The article has been corrected.

  6. Hi Andrew, I did not see a star overlay on the photos I've starred in Picasa after I install the Picasaext. Is there any configuration I need to adjust? My OS is Win7 Ult. Thanks.


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