Ping multiple blog directories and search engines with BlogBuzzer

Pinging a blog is one way to get your blog picked up by search engines and aggregators whenever you post a new entry. Although services like Ping-O-Matic has been around for years and can also be integrated with popular blog engines like WordPress, the range of servers they ping is too narrow. This where services like BlogBuzzer comes in handy.


BlogBuzzer is a web tool that allows blog owners to automatically submit their blogs to the top search sites and blog directories, or in plain words, ping blogs to multiple search engines and directories at once. Like any pinging service, there is not much to look around – just two text boxes to enter the URL and name of your blog and a Ping button to click on.

The main difference between BlogBuzzer and Ping-O-Matic is that BlogBuzzer pings a large number of directories, about 3 times the number Ping-O-Matic pings to.

There is also a premium membership facility which you can buy for $9 a year. A premium account holder can submit up to 5 blogs for automatic monitoring and pinging. Along with the standard blog directory sites that are pinged by BlogBuzzer premium membership also allows your blogs to be submitted to other major directories including Delicious, StumbleUpon , Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and

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