Send any sample and get it scanned by Electron Microscope for free

Want to see how your hair looks under an Electron Microscope, or your skin, or paper, or anything around the house? Send it to ASPEX Corporation.

ASPEX Corporation, manufacture of both industry grade and personal Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), offers you a free report and images of anything you send to them for scanning. Just download the sample submission form from their below, fill it out, and mail it in along with your sample. They will scan it with their Tabletop SEM and post the images online for the world to see.

Their Tabletop SEMs run on the typical 240V/110V house outlets and are capable of resolution up to 25 nm.

Here are some samples under the SEM.

Chalk Crayon

Chalk-Crayon-2-after Chalk-Crayon-2-before

Paper tear

paper-tear-2-after paper-tear-2-before

Human hair

humanhair-after humanhair-before

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