Showzey – View photos on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Yahoo and Gmail at one place

There are more than a handful of places to store photos online – Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, to name just a few. Many people use Facebook to keep touch with family and friends and share pictures. Others use Picasa or Flickr and some even mail pictures to each other. The trouble when you have too many options is that your photos are scattered everywhere. Showzey is a service that helps you assemble all your photos at one place.


Showzey lets you catalog photos on various online accounts and view them from a single place, from where you can move them to other places and share with others Showzey users. There are no signups or registration required. Just go to the site and login with your Google, Yahoo or Facebook ID. Once you are logged in grant Showzey the permission to access your various online accounts and catalog the photos on them.

You can then move the photos between various services, download it, add it to a photo set, add captions or comments and share your friends. Showzey currently supports Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, Picasa, Kodak and photos on email attachment on Gmail and Yahoo. Showzey also lets you generate RSS feeds of your photos which makes it easier to keep track of when your friends are uploading new photos.

Showzey only indexes photos on your online accounts; the photos stays where they are. When the photo are in email attachments, you have the option of choosing to save your photo on the Showzey servers, or save them in any one of your social networking sites.

It’s a free service, so give it a try. You can always revoke Showzey privileges from your Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo account.

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