Spiceworks IT Desktop – Toolbox for network administrators

Spiceworks IT Desktop is a network monitoring, management, inventory, and helpdesk software application designed for network administrators working in small to medium-sized businesses.

Spiceworks IT Desktop is used to inventory, monitor, manage and report on software and hardware assets of an organization. It also includes an integrated help desk system. Spiceworks runs on Microsoft Windows and discovers Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS X machines along with other IP-addressable devices such as routers, VOIP phones, printers, etc. In short Spiceworks IT Desktop has everything a network admin can ask for.


With Spiceworks IT Desktop you can inventory all of your hardware and software and other assets either locally or across multiple networks via secure HTTPS. It can discover the Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs and servers, routers, printers and any other IP-based devices on your network. Network admins can gather all of the relevant technical data including patches and services on each machine, then add data such as purchase price and physical location. You can track all of your software and other assets such as mobile phones and even office furniture, really.

Spiceworks allows you run a full fledged Help-Desk. Your clients can submit tickets with attachments and you can view them in your mail, organize them with filters and set automatic rule based actions to them.

Spiceworks IT Desktop lets you monitor and troubleshoot your network from one location. You can setup alerts for Windows events that occur across your environment so you can easily detect, diagnose and troubleshoot issues that might disrupt your network. You can keep tab of things like low disk space,
the status of your anti-virus updates, printers with low toner & ink levels and offline servers, how much bandwidth your routers are using and the health of your Microsoft Exchange server.

Spiceworks IT Desktop also offers 20 ready-to-use reports for sharing information with people who need IT information at your company. Reports can be customized and exported to PDF and Excel.

Spiceworks provides extensive help resources and documentation, including an active online community. The best part of Spiceworks IT Desktop is it’s complete free.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I have been using this software for the past 6 months. You have no idea how useful it is for IT. The helpdesk is perfect for not so smart computer users to report problems via email.

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