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Universal Print Driver - Single driver for all HP printers and MFDs

Have you lost your HP printer’s driver disks? Did you get a new HP printer but don’t have the drivers? Well, don’t bother searching because the HP Universal Print Driver is all you need.

The HP Universal Print Driver is the single driver that gives users instant access to a range of HP print devices without downloading separate drivers. The HP Universal Print Driver works well with a broad range of networked and direct-connected HP LaserJet and Edgeline print devices using PCL 5, PCL 6 or postscript emulation.


The HP Universal Print Driver offers optional Dynamic mode, in addition to Traditional mode, to enhance mobile printing. Dynamic mode locates network printers where you are, or you can enter a printer name or address and print anywhere on your network. It's great when you're on the road or want to print to a new device. Traditional mode is just like a traditional driver. Both modes can be used on the same PC to allow you to print what you want no matter where you are.

The HP Universal Print Driver supports the following HP devices.

HP LaserJet/Color LaserJet (network and direct-connect)

  • CM1015 MFP
  • 1200 series
  • 1300 series
  • CM1312 MFP series
  • 1320 series
  • CP1510 series
  • M1522 MFP series
  • P2015 series
  • CP2020 series
  • P2030 series
  • P2050 series
  • 2100 series
  • 2200 series
  • 2300 series
  • CM2320 MFP series
  • 2400 series
  • 2500 series
  • 2550 series
  • 2605 series
  • 2700 series
  • M2727 MFP series
  • P3005 series
  • 3015 AiO
  • 3020 AiO
  • M3027 MFP series
  • 3030 AiO series
  • M3035 MFP series
  • 3050 AiO
  • 3052 AiO
  • 3055 AiO
  • 3200 AiO series
  • 3300 MFP series
  • 3390 AiO
  • 3392 AiO
  • CP3505 series
  • CP3520 series
  • CM3530 MFP series
  • 3700 series
  • 3800 series
  • 4000 series
  • CP4005 series
  • P4014 series
  • P4015 series
  • 4050 series
  • 4100 series
  • 4100mfp
  • 4200 series
  • 4240 series
  • 4250 series
  • 4300 series
  • 4345mfp series
  • M4345 MFP series
  • M4349 MFP series
  • 4350 series
  • 4500 series
  • P4510 series
  • 4550 series
  • 4600 series
  • 4610 series
  • 4650 series
  • 4700 series
  • 4730 MFP series
  • CM4730 MFP series
  • 5000 series
  • M5025 MFP series
  • M5035 MFP series
  • 5100 series
  • 5200 series
  • 5500 series
  • 5550 series
  • CP6015 series
  • CM6030 MFP series
  • CM6040 MFP series
  • CM6049 MFP series
  • 8000 series
  • CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology
  • CM8060 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology
  • 8100 series
  • 8150 series
  • 8150mfp series
  • 9000 series
  • 9000mfp series
  • 9040 series
  • 9040mfp series
  • M9040 MFP series
  • 9050 series
  • 9050mfp series
  • M9050 MFP series
  • M9059 MFP series
  • 9055mfp
  • 9065mfp
  • 9500 series
  • 9500mfp series

HP Business Inkjet/Officejet (network only)

  • 2250 series
  • 2280 series
  • 2300 series
  • 2600 series
  • 2800 series
  • 3000 series
  • 9100 series all-in-one

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  1. wow .its an good info bro.

  2. This is neat! Thx for posting about this.

  3. If it's a universal HP printer driver why mentioned what HP printers are supported?!

  4. HP's Universal Print drivers are horrible. Did they pay you to write this? I've seen so many printers not print, crash after a few pages, print only single pages, etc. All because of this crappy driver system. HP doesn't want old printers to work for Windows 7.

  5. @Anonymous: No, HP didn't pay me to write this and I'm not aware of the drivers' problems if any.

  6. windows7 dont have drivers for hp printers 2050 can get them.

  7. Have you tried the HP site here??

    Win7 drivers for 2050 series shown here!!!

  8. I am running a Server 2008 32Bit as Print Server.
    I want to provide a Win7-64bit Driver for the clients to download.

    With the conventional drivers this is no problem - just go to printer properties / Sharing / Additional Drivers and copy it into.

    However, I did not manage to achive this with UPD.

  9. help me for my hp photosmart 7450 driver..i need to use my hp driver anyone can help me regarding this problem


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