Use Windows Live Writer to publish to your Posterous blog

Posterous is a simple blogging platform that enables a user to post to their blog by simply emailing them whatever he or she wishes to publish. Posterous became an instant hit among casual bloggers. The unique blogging method enabled them to post to their blog from mobile devices, and Posterous automatically handled all attachments like music, video, images and documents.

Apart from email posting Posterous has a regular post editor like any blogging platform. Unfortunately, the best desktop blogging client, Windows Live Writer, doesn’t support Posterous, at least not without this plug-in.


This plug-in named Writerous enables you to setup your Posterous blog with Windows Live Writer. Because Live Writer doesn’t natively support Posterous, there’s a little bit of trickery involved. The whole basis of this plug-in relies on you having at least one other blog configured within Live Writer. All you do is add that blog to Live Writer again (in essence, copying it), and just call it Posterous. The whole procedure is described here.


You can upload all file-types supported by Posterous from Windows Live Writer. However, there is an issue with image files – the plug-in won’t allow for inline images. All images you upload to the blog post will appear at the top of your Posterous post as an album. Web images (those already on the net) however, will appear inline wherever you put it in your post.

You will encounter a few limitation when using Writerous, like the image problem as mentioned above, the inability to preview your Posterous blog theme and the inability to edit previously published post on Posterous.

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