Yahoo Mail users can now disable on page ads

The Yahoo Mail Blog announced a new change to their mail inbox. Users will now be able to temporarily hide advertisement shown along the sides of the inbox by clicking on a small hide button just to the left of the advertisement, “to give you more real estate to read your emails” Andrew Molyneux, Program Manager of Yahoo Mail wrote.


While it doesn’t permanently remove ads, it will give you more space while you read an email. Ads are what allow us to provide you Yahoo! Mail as a free service and hopefully they’re sometimes useful and interesting too. If you would like permanently disable ads you can sign up for Mail Plus which offers an ad-free experience and other enhanced features.

Yahoo Mail has been undergoing a few changes lately. A lot of these changes came on March in quick succession. The inbox remodeling began with the integration of Facebook Connect enabling users to add their Facebook friends’ email addresses to their Yahoo! Contacts list. This was followed by some changes to the ‘Action menu’ on the Yahoo Inbox – a new Sort feature for sorting mail by various parameters, and a ‘Message Filter’. Later another new feature, the ‘Automatic Organizer’, was added to help users prioritize their mails. More changes are planned according to a post published back in February, among which is the Yahoo Calendar.

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