5 short links for today #34

1. Solar Beat is a project by White Vinyl Designs that tries to find that out by converting the planetary system into a type of music box. Each planet generates a specific tone as it passes by a virtual string. Turn on your computer speakers and adjust the tempo to listen to the music it generates.

2. MarineTraffic.com gives real-time information of position and routes of various marine vessels including passenger ships, cargo vessles, tankers, yatchs etc by plotting them on Google Maps.

3. Stereomood is the emotional internet radio that provides you music that best suits your mood and your activities and personalized playlists for specific emotions and events. Are you sad, dreamy, relaxed, romantic, sleepy? This site has music for you.

4. How "elite" dating websites scam people: Think before you signup on dating websites.

5. Photoshop Content Aware Fill parody.

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