Android running on iPhone. Steve Jobs goes insane

Okay, the second part of the title is just a prediction of what would happen when the news carried by the first hits him. It’s true, Android has been successfully ported to the iPhone!

The guys behind “Linux on the iPhone” blog has now Android running on the iPhone. Although the current break-in has been achieved on iPhone 2G, the port forward to the iPhone 3G should be pretty simple, according to them.

Pre-built images has been made available for those who want to test it.

So what does this mean? This means that you can now have Flash on the iPhone and access to thousands of Android application already available, at the same time break yourself free from the shackles of closed and restricted system Apple is trying to create. Take that Steve.

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  1. Sandrina Reply

    Battle of Apple and Adobe is certainly interesting. 🙂

  2. Ramkumar Reply

    Apple always faces these kind of ppl messing around with its products. Probably the next person would try to run Chrome OS on iPad..

  3. Zain Ali Reply

    i can see that OS on iPad… definitely

  4. Anonymous Reply

    How the hell would people end-up giving you any amount of money as a donation if your shown link is in a language that most of the world do not understand?! Shouldn't have been in English as this video tutorial?!

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