Cuil launches Cpedia. Conforms to Cuil standards

Remember Cuil, the search engine that was launched with much hype but never came even close to being a Google-killer? You would have thought the company was dead, the investors bankrupt and the creators hiding themselves in shame. Yet they are back, back with another awfully incompetent product called Cpedia.

Cpedia is an automatically generated encyclopedia that finds snippets of information on your search query and presents them as an article on a single page, rather than a list of hits. The articles, if we can call them articles, are just a collection of incoherent and unrelated stack of information pulled from god knows what pages on the Internet and pasted together devoid of any sense of continuity and sanity.

At first I was left wondering how they could even release such a product, and then I remembered these are the same people who created Cuil. That explained everything.

Here are some gems from Cpedia





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  1. Anonymous Reply

    this tool is useless 🙂

  2. scrubjay Reply

    LOL Sure does look like it.

    I especially find humorous the two "huh?!" snippets in the Wikipedia example. Thanks for the laugh, Kaushik.

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