Download VLC Media Player 1.1.0 with GPU acceleration

vlc-logo The first public release of VLC Media Player 1.1.0 Pre-build with support for GPU acceleration is available for download. With the ability to offload number crunching involved in video decoding to the GPU, the developers hope to improve video performance of H.264 encoded videos that has been plaguing the media player for long.

If you have a compatible GPU, especially an nVidia, VLC Media Player will play faster and should consume less than 10% of your CPU especially on Windows Vista/7 and Linux.

VLC also has a new decoder that can use OpenMax IL codecs for DSP decoding . OpenMax IL in VLC can decode and encode most of the codecs: Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H264, H263, WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, RV10, RV20, RV30, RV40 and aac, amr, mp3.

Other notable changes to the VLC 1.1.0 are

  • DVB HD subtitles
  • PGS Subtitles from Blu-Ray dumps
  • sftp protocol
  • Atrac1 audio codec
  • Indeo5 video codec
  • AMR (Narrow Band) audio codec
  • Windows Media Voice/Speech audio codec
  • Improved Flac support (7.1 and 88.2/176.4/192 kHz support)
  • 7.1 Vorbis audio support
  • ADPCM in flv files
  • DVD-Audio files .aob, so you can play your DVD-Audio files on your computer
  • vqf, amv, wpl and zpl file support
  • Midi files on Windows port!
  • CDDB support on Windows
  • Podcast images
  • Windows 7 taskbar integration

Download VLC 1.1.0 Pre-Build

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