DScaler is a must have for TV tuner cards

Most lower end TV tuner cards in the range of $10 to $20 give poor performance, but their quality is not because of bad hardware but terribly written drivers and software. You can get very decent picture out of even cheap TV cards by using the right software. DScaler is one such program.

DScaler is a piece of software that grabs analog, interlaced video, and deinterlaces it to make it a progressive scan feed then allows scaling to any resolution for use on your computer monitor or projector. DScaler talks directly to the hardware without using drivers and displays the video using hardware overlay. As a result you can enjoy faster playback even when capturing and record good quality video that would otherwise be impossible with software such as VirtualDub.


DScaler is easy to setup. Since most cards use the same chips support is large but not exhaustive. You can try the auto-detect method if you don’t know the card you have or if it’s not listed. Many cards are similar so it can still work even if the name isn’t the same.

There are countless settings to go through. You can select a deinterlacer of your choice, apply filters like Temporal Comb, Adaptive Noise Reduction, Logo killer etc.

dscaler-filter-settings dscaler-video-settings


  • Grabbing video from a DVD player, game console, laserdisc, or VCR in a reliable fashion, in either analog or digital form
  • Deinterlacing video source, such as sports and news produced with a video camera, as well as console games
  • Detecting and removing 2:2 pulldown (PAL) and 3:2 pulldown (NTSC) for movies and filmed television programs
  • Reducing video noise on analog sources
  • Automatically calibrating video capture cards for optimal brightness, contrast and color
  • Manipulating video through gamma, sharpness and other filters
  • Viewing still images
  • Reducing judder and other video timing anomalies
  • Presenting all of the above in the desired resolution and aspect ratio.
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