Firefox’s new Addon Manager [screenshots]

Along with theme redesign the Firefox team is also working on a new Addon Manager which just became available on nightly builds.

The new Addon Manager will be no longer be a separate floating window – it’s now on a tab with a sidebar to choose what kinds of add-ons you want to work with: Languages, Extensions, Themes, and Plugins.


The Detail View in the right panel will either show the contents of a category or an individual add-on, depending on which is selected. Viewing the contents of a category will show a summary view of the add-ons, with basic information and the ability to disable or remove an add-on. The summary view will allow for sorting by categories such as size and date added.


When the user selects an individual add-on, the right panel displays the add-on’s information, options, preferences, and the ability to contribute to its developers.

Furthermore, the Get Add-ons section integrates with Mozilla Add-ons page (not implemented yet) that lets users quickly find and install addons.



The Mozilla QA team is holding a test day today, 30th April, on the new add-ons manager where you can help test for bugs.

Download the builds featuring the new Addon Manager
Windows | Linux | Mac OSX

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