First Anti Virus for iPad available

With 300,000 iPads sold within the first few days and the device jailbroken within 24 hours, it’s never too early to start taking preventive measures against malware threatening to invade your iPad. Mac security specialist Intego has begun offering the first antivirus scanner for the iPad.


Intego acknowledges there is no iPad malware to defend against as yet but argues it will be ready if and when the threat materializes.

The iPad runs on the same operating system as the iPhone, and only jailbroken iPhones with default passwords have ever been infected with malware so far. The risk of malware infection on the iPad mainly applies to devices that have been jailbroken to run apps not approved by Apple.

Since the iPad doesn’t support multitasking, a resident anti-virus scanner on the iPad, like those on PCs is impossible. Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 has to be installed on a Mac computer. The anti-virus will then scan an iPad once it is connected to the computer. Suspicious files are quarantined on the Mac and deleted from the iPad. VirusBarrier X6 is also available as a Mac anti-virus.

VirusBarrier X6 costs €59.95 for a license covering two devices. A free upgrade for existing VirusBarrier X6 users is available.

[via The Register]

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