Hide files within other files with Plain Sight

There could be several reasons why you might want to hide files on your computer. It could be files containing sensitive information if you work for the NSA or something. It could be personal emails or just some naughty stuff you downloaded from the Internet. If you do have a reason to hide files yet look unsuspicious, you should try Plain Sight.

Plain Sight is a crafty software that lets you hide files within any other file of your choice. For example you can hide your photos inside Word documents. Hide an image inside an MP3 file, or a video file inside another video file. The file you choose to hide inside of remains functional. If you have hidden an image file inside an MP3 file, the audio file can be played on a media player just like any other audio file. Nobody will know it hides another file inside it. The only difference is that the file size increases.


When you hide a file inside another one, Plain Sight will generate an unlock file, a key, that is required to extract the hidden file. There is also a password involved offering a two-layer security. Both the password and the unlock file is needed to recover the file hiding inside the other which makes it statistically impossible for anybody to crack open the hidden file.

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