How to add Facebook Like button to Blogger, WordPress and websites

Recently Facebook launched the Like button for the web that enables users to share a page directly on Facebook. As a blogger or webmaster you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting your site and posts shared among Facebook users. This is how to add the button to your websites.

Go to Facebook Like Button page. Before you type in the URL, use the various settings to adjust the look of the button. The default button is the best one, the only thing you might want to adjust is the width.


For WordPress blogs, type php_the_permalink in “URL to like” box. Click on “Get Code” to receive the code.


Now embed the code in your WordPress theme single.php file.


Blogger users will have to enter post.url in the “URL to like” box to get the code.

Open Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout. Now click Edit HTML.

Check the box “Expand Widget Templates” and locate the following item in the template: <p><data:post.body/></p>

Now add the Facebook Like Button code either above or below this item.

Other websites

For static pages, simply type the URL of the page and embed it on that page. Repeat this for every page where you want to implement the code, each time generating a new code for the given page.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Here's a Facebook Like button plugin available from WordPress:
    No coding necessary, you can customize the look and placement of the button in the settings interface

  2. CKD Reply

    This post is helpful. Thank you.

  3. Brian Reply

    Nope. Not working. I instantly went from 0 people recommend to more than 17,000 which is an error.

  4. 7ths Reply

    are you sure "enter in the “URL to like” box to get the code."


  5. Splendid Moments Appreciator Reply

    hmm.. it's nt working~~

  6. Unknown Reply

    not counting right

  7. Industri Migas Reply

    nice post . . .I try it on my blog. . . it work. . .

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