Kylo, the web browser for big screens

Kylo is a free web browser based on Mozilla designed specifically for web surfing on a big screen, such as your wall mounted living room HDTV, while you sit relaxing on a comfortable couch. Kylo enables users who have already connected their PCs to the television to browse the web without squinting and without spoiling the home theatre experience.

Kylo features a 10-foot user interface typical of media center applications. It has an enormous address bar at the bottom of the screen with big buttons and big fonts for easy browsing across the room. The browser runs full screen for maximum viewing space with no clutter.


An onscreen keyboard lets you get rid of the physical keyboard you have on your coffee table…


… and the Zoom and Pan tool allows you to read comfortably from a distance.


Kylo also gives a one click access to some major websites grouped under categories such as movies, music, news, sports, social, games etc. The interface is simply fantastic.


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    Looks interesting.

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