PenyuUSB disables USB ports, protects with password

Disabling USB ports on a computer by the administrator is easy and well documented on Microsoft’s support site. But protecting USB ports with a password so that only authorized users can access it, is a feature not to be found on Windows. To do this we have to use a software called PenyuUSB.


PenyuUSB is a software that enables the administrator to quickly enable or disable USB ports on a computer without going through the hassles of editing the Registry or the Group Policy. With a simple click of a button, USB ports can be toggled on and off.

But that’s not all. PenyuUSB has the ability to protect the toggle access to the USB ports with a password. The administrator sets a password which prevents other users from re-enabling access to the USB ports.

PenyuUSB is free but registration is required.

Update: PenyuUSB works with Windows XP (.Net 3.5 Framework required), Windows Vista and 7.

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  1. Partho Reply

    Can this soft be used in XP too?

  2. Omkar Reply

    "Note: UAC Account must be disabled to use this software "

    lol!, they certainly need to re-frame that Note. Although making app UAC aware and removing it completely would be better..

  3. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @Partho: Yes, it works on Windows XP but .Net Framework is needed.

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