Relocate Windows Users profile directory

A very bad practice among majority of Windows users is using the My Documents or Documents folder to store personal files and the biggest perpetrator of it is Microsoft.

Windows puts the Users profile directory in the same partition that holds Windows system files. The Users profile directory contains the Documents, Pictures and Videos folder as well as the all important AppData directory inside which resides various data files and settings of software installed on the machine. If a software bug or malware infection makes Windows unable to boot, the user stands the risk of losing all their data, and software settings they spent hours customizing.

To avoid this it is advised to save files on a different partition or relocate the Users profile directory manually. An easier way out is to use Profile Relocator.


Profile Relocator is a tool that allows users to relocate the Users profile directory. Once the User profile has been re-located to another hard drive partition, any newly created profiles will appear in the new location in their entirety. Existing profiles however will reside at their current location; Profile Relocator wouldn’t move them as doing so would result in failure of installed application and even Windows from functioning correctly.

Hence, this tool is best used on a fresh Windows installation.

Profile Relocator has been designed to work with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

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