SplitBrowser brings multitasking to iPad

As you know, Apple’s latest gizmo the iPad doesn’t support application multitasking throwing users back into the primitive age. But a Portugese firm called ElasticFiction has somehow managed to convince Apple to let them sell a split screen browser that will allow users to browse two web pages at the same time.


While not exactly multitasking the way users would have liked to, SplitBrowser lets users to listen to music and watch videos while browsing other web pages by placing two browser screens side by side each other at the same time, which is better than no multitasking.

The browser carries two independent toolbars for two pages at the same time, and the browser can be split in portrait or landscape mode. Check out the screencast below.

SplitBrowsercan play MP3 files and supports HTML5 videos and sells for $1.99.

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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