SyncDesk synchronizes files using an external disk

Last week I showed how to synchronize files across multiple computers through a USB Flash drive using SyncSharp. SyncDesk is another open source tool that can sync files across several computer using an intermediary device like an external disk.

Using SyncDesk involves the following steps:

1. Download and install SyncDesk to the root of your external drive.


2. Register the computers you wish to synchronize files and folders with on SyncDesk.


3. Create one or more tasks for each folder you wish to share/synchronize with other computers and include these computers in the task.


4. The synced files get copied to the external disk

5. Upon plugging the external disk to the one of the registered computers, SyncDesk will automatically detect whether that computer is to synced to the other computers based on the tasks. If yes, the files and folders get synced.

If SyncDesk detects an unregistered computer, it prompt you to register. You can then choose to register it if you want the bring that machine into the sync-group.

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