Tweak Alt+Tab settings with Alt+Tab Tuner

Alt + Tab Tuner is a small tool that allows you to access several hidden settings related to the Alt+Tab program switching shortcut of Windows.

The program switching feature underwent several changes since Windows Vista and more changes on Windows 7. It’s now possible to adjust the look of the program thumbnails through certain Registry keys. Since editing the Registry is always cumbersome, Alt + Tab Tuner offers you these options through a graphical interface.


With Alt + Tab Tuner you can

– Change the margins "glass" top, bottom and left / right;
– Change the number of rows and columns that are displayed sketches of windows; – Change the size of thumbnails of windows;
– Change the distance between the sketches;
– Change the appearance of shortcuts displayed in the thumbnail;
– Change the transparency of the dialogue, called for the Alt + Tab;
– Switch the dialogue to the classical form (as in Windows 2000);
– Add a damping effect when switching windows on the desktop.

Download Alt + Tab Tuner from Softpedia

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