What’s inside the iPad?

Most people would never dream of taking apart a $500 toy the very first day of buying. But Do-it-yourself website iFixit, which publishes self repair guides of various kinds of gadgets, had to – it’s their job. Yesterday they they posted a full teardown of the iPad accompanied by several high quality images of the process. Some of the things they discovered are:


  • The display assembly and rear case both weigh 350 grams each, meaning weight distribution front-to-back is exactly 50/50.
  • There is a large void in the upper right corner of the WiFi-only iPad. This is where the 3G chipset will live in the 3G-enabled iPads.
  • The battery (actually two batteries hooked in parallel) takes up most of the iPad’s internal volume. It’s a 3.75 Volt, 24.8 Watt-hour battery; by comparison, the iPhone 3GS has a 4.51 Watt-hour battery, while the MacBook Air’s battery is 40 Watt-hours. The battery weighs 148 grams, 13 grams more than the entire iPhone 3GS.
  • The display data cable connector is the same style as that used on Unibody MacBooks
  • The logic board itself takes up very little of the iPad’s volume.
  • The iPad has 512 MB of RAM.
  • The Broadcom WiFi 802.11n + Bluetooth chip appears to be significantly larger than the chipset used in the iPhone. This possibly explains the lengthened bottom portion from the leaked photos of what’s supposedly the next-gen iPhone’s display.
  • The WiFi antenna, located behind the Apple logo on the rear case, is either similar or identical to the antenna used in the iMac.

Catch the full DIY guide at iFixit.

[via Tuwa]

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