Add elevator music to Windows progress bars!

Instant Elevator Music is a fun little application that sits on the system tray and automatically starts playing cozy elevator music whenever a progress bar appears on the screen.


Instant Elevator Music works with a large number of programs, including:

  • Windows Explorer: while copying/moving/deleting files
  • Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox: while waiting for downloads to finish
  • Microsoft Office and Visual Studio: while waiting for programs to load
  • 7-Zip: while waiting for archives to extract
  • TeraCopy: while waiting for files to copy/move
  • Audacity: while waiting for music files to open/save
  • Eclipse: while waiting for it to load, complete a build or refresh the workspace
  • VMWare: while waiting for a virtual machine to resume
  • Virtual PC: also while waiting for a virtual machine to resume
  • Most installers

By default, the program comes with only one music but you can choose to play any music you want.

One useful addition to this application is a counter that tells you how much time you waited for the progress bar to complete.


Instant Elevator Music came a bit too late – it would have been fun in the days of yore when we ran 333 MHz machines and spent hours watching the progress bar crawl. It’s still fun though.

[via Download Squad]

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