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Extend Windows 7 trial period forever with Infinite Rearm

Windows 7 has a hidden “rearm” command that can extend Windows activation grace period of 30 days by an additional 30 days. The rearm command can be used up to 3 times. So if a copy of Windows 7 is rearmed on the last day of every 30 day period, a user can use the operating system up to 120 days without activation.

This is not news – the ream tool existed on Windows predecessor, Windows Vista, and even on other Microsoft products like Office 2007 and the recent Office 2010.

The real news is the InfiniteRearm4 tool that enables you to rearm Windows 7 not once or twice or thrice but again and again … indefinitely, essentially keeping your Windows 7 copy in trial mode forever. Most importantly, unlike cracks and patches, a rearmed Windows 7 copy is genuine and passes Windows Validation check!


InfiniteRearm4 is scheduled to run every 29 days from the day of install and automatically rearms the Windows 7 copy. Just makes sure the Task Scheduler is running and the Rearm task is active and you are set.

InfiniteRearm4 supports all Windows 7 versions and Windows Server 2008 R2.

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  1. The only thing I can say is Microsoft wouldn't recommend this. ;)

  2. Well, I did not get to use windows 7 trial, so I will try extending it, though I am just now installing it on may 31.

  3. @Anonymous & Kaushik

    As long as "rearm" it's a Microsoft tool why wouldn't be legal?!

    Of course Microsoft wouldn't recommend that and I bet they already regret this tool and as far as I know they already found a workaround by launching through windows update a patch that will stop this possibility of rearming endlessly. Would you recommend this while trying to sell your product?! How can you get the cash coming in when you have a situation where your product can be worked around avoiding paying for a full version that simply would be different just by not displaying a nagging message?!

  4. Thank you.. Pointing the correct Article.. Keep posted like this.

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  5. Thank you.. Pointing the correct Article.. Keep posted like this.


  6. This is amazing! Thank you so much! Using this for my little brother's desktop I'm building... using my old win7 disc. Thank you!

  7. where can it be downloaded ???


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