Idle keyboard makes you sound busy when you are not

Here at Instant Fundas we have a detailed guide and numerous tips on how to surf at work surreptitiously. These are really good to save your skin if a colleague or a boss happen to stop by your cubicle. But the complete silence at your cubicle while you surf the Internet might get you suspicious looks from co-workers.


If you are do getting these looks, just turn on your speakers and go to Idle Keyboard. This site plays a varying list of keyboard typing and clicking sound files in a continual loop.

If you work in an office, you know it’s important to look busy at all times. Many things you do on a computer involve very little sound and give the impression to peers that you are doing nothing, prompting a quick peek into your office. The sound of a keyboard typing says you are on top of things.

After you hit the play button, leave the webpage going (minimize) and adjust the volume to a realistic level of your personal typing style. Have the mute button handy for quick stopping. Just make sure not to walk away from your computer while the keys are rattling.

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