Import, Export and Backup Opera profile and settings

Backing up Opera browser’s profile settings manually is easy but clumsy and require you to backup several different folders/files, feeds, bookmarks separately. To help you in this process we have a freeware tool simply called Opera Settings Import & Export Tool.

The Opera Settings Import & Export Tool allows you to backup and restore your bookmarks, mail, contacts, sessions, preferences, and totally every setting you have applied to your browser. The tool also enables easy transfer of these settings between Opera installations in different folders or even different operating system.


Simply run the tool, and select the Opera installation you want to backup if you have multiple versions installed. Then check the boxes against the settings you want to backup. You can also preview your settings before importing or exporting them which is awesome.

The software then archives the settings in tar.gz format from which you can transfer them to another computer or Opera installation or restore should the need arise.

Opera Settings Import & Export Tool is available both for Windows and Linux.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    whos still using opera after firefox and chrome anyways

  2. Anonymous Reply

    bonbonboi: Do you mean who is still using firefox? What a ridiculous comment. Just stick to what pleases you. If you don't something to say, then shut up

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