Jumplist Extender adds Windows 7 Jumplists to any programs

Windows 7 Jumplists are pretty nifty. Unfortunately a lot of programs are yet to take advantage of this feature. This is where tools like Jumplist Extender comes in.

Jumplist Extender is a program that lets you add custom Jumplists to any programs on Windows 7.


Simply browse and select the program you want to add the Jumplist to, and then customize your Jumplist by adding task, file, folder, separator, etc.

Jumplist Extender is written using AutoHotKey, the popular scripting tools, and can be extended to add your more functionality with your own AutoHotKey script. Oh yes, Jumplist Extender is open sourced.

Another great feature is the ability to export and import Jumplists into "Jumplist Packs” making it easy for others to quickly add jumplists which others have created. Do checkout the Jumplist Packs on offer for some of the common programs.

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