MoonyDesk is a gorgeous new desktop widget engine

Widgets on the desktop might seem useless from a practical standpoint, but you can’t deny their awesomeness. Widgets look stunning on the desktop, and at times they are actually quite useful. So if you are okay with the idea of running widgets, I recommend you to check out MoonyDesk.

MoonyDesk is an open source plug-in based widgets system written on WPF that just became available. Currently only two widgets are available for the engine – a digital clock and weather report. They are gorgeous.


See, how the clock is different from other clock widgets you have seen so far. It’s large but it can be re-sized. It shows the date and day, and a circular progress bar encircling the seconds counter shows the progress of time.

And here is another effect I really like. Notice how the clock is tilted towards the left? With MoonyDesk you have the ability to rotate any widget at any angle.

The clock comes in two color and the weather gadget displays the current temperature and weather condition (cloudy/sunny/rainy etc) with a descriptive icon. You location or city can be configured in the settings.

MoonyDesk is still in alpha but stable as a rock. With both widgets running memory usage remains at around 55 Megabytes.

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