Openbook: Search public Facebook updates without logging in

You do know your Facebook wall updates are publicly searchable, don’t you? Well, if you don’t, there is a new site that shows you how scary and embarrassing the situation is.

openbookWhen you search on Facebook there is a “Posts By Everyone” search feature that reveals updates from people who haven’t set their privacy options right, either by choice or by ignorance, thereby sharing materials for the entire world to see.

Openbook allows you to conduct the same search but without logging into Facebook at all. The idea is to make people aware how much they are sharing with the world. To illustrate this point when you go to Openbook the site by default shows search results for “cheated test” – a potentially embarrassing update. There are more, such as “rectal exam”, “I hate my boss” and “just had sex”.

Openbook draws attention to the information Facebook makes public about its users via its search API. Facebook exposed this service on April 21st, 2010.

Our goal is to get Facebook to restore the privacy of this information, so that this website and others like it no longer work.

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