OutSync synchronizes Outlook contacts with Facebook

OutSync is a simple Windows desktop application that syncs photos of your Facebook friends with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

Once you login to your Facebook account through OutSync, the program scans both your Outlook contact list and your Facebook friends to find matches. When it finds them the program offers to import the profile picture of matched contacts from Facebook to Outlook. You are allowed to select the contacts you want to update. The rest of your unmatched Facebook and Outlook contacts are left untouched.


The main benefit of OutSync, the developer explains, is for users who sync their smartphones with Exchange or Outlook. Updated contacts are copied to your iPhone/Windows Mobile/Android/BlackBerry devices, and their photos appear
during phone calls.

OutSync is compatible with Windows XP and newer (Vista, Win7, Server 2008), and Outlook 2003 or newer.

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