Password protect specific bookmark links on Firefox

You may have some sites you visit regularly but you wouldn’t want others to know. It could be a link to your secret blog or your bank’s website or you know, those kind of sites. Not only you have to type these URLs into the address bar every time you wish to open them, you have to memorize them too because you can’t keep them bookmarked. If only there was a way by which you could hide those links on your bookmark list.

Looks like there is a way. Link Password is an addon for Firefox that allows you to keep password protected bookmark links among your regular links. Simply right-click on the link or folder you want to encrypt, and supply a password.


Attempting to open the link will prompt the user for the password. Link Password also obfuscates the URL so that nobody can read the URL from the bookmark list. The URL and password are encrypted using AES, so it’s realistically impossible to break it too.


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  1. FigaroSwe Reply

    But Good to know about AES, if you password are long enough. This nead vary much Computer time.
    I well say if you has A encrypt link and a good password this is more easy to use some type of Key Logger on you computer or you network.
    ( I think I use AES with key length 256. )

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