Speed up Windows boot time with Soluto

An Israel based startup has recently launched a new software application called Solute, which was unveiled during the ongoing TechCrunch Disrupt. Calling itself the “anti-frustration software”, Soluto helps users understand the boot process and discover which applications are slowing it down, and then helps them to significantly improve it.

Right now Soluto Beta focuses only on booting but in future expects to address other PC problems that annoy users such as printing problems, crashy apps, resource hogs etc.

Soluto harnesses the power of the crowd to learn which actions really eliminate frustrations and improve user experience. For instance, if a user has issues with a certain application and then made a change which fixed the problem, Solute can tell other users who had the same problem about the fix.

When you run Solute and reboot, it performs a scan during booting to analyze which applications are hogging resources and lengthening the boot time. Soluto then displays the startup items divided into three categories – no-brainers, potentially removable and required.


Clicking on a program provides details about it including a description of the program and by how much the application is delaying boot and whether is it safe to disable or delay the process during boot.


Some of the applications Soluto couldn’t identify on my system, like ZoneAlarm despite being a popular firewall application. You can help out by clicking on edit button to type a description for the application.

It (Soluto) will offer a freemium model with two plans: manual, which is suitable for people who are already computer savvy. This option tells you what’s wrong with your computer and how to fix it, but it’s up to you to do it. The second option is automatic: set it up, and Soluto will work in the background to fix tasks without your intervention. At this point this automatic setting does things like fix driver settings, and in the future it may be able to download applications that will work better on your machine than the one you’re currently using.

Although, presently Soluto does very little to lessen PC frustration, it does an excellent job at whatever little it does. If you aren’t like me who prefer hibernating to rebooting, you could try Soluto to save few seconds every time you turn on your computer.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    So…that's how soluto works? I've read a previous review about this software and I thought that it wasn't practical to remove applications just to speed up the booting process. It was not clarified that "removal" simply means removing it from the boot process, and not removing it permanently.

    On the other hand, I initially think Soluto helps speed up my PC in general…but it seems here that it only focuses on the start up. What about shutdown? what about program loading times…what about opening of files? I hope that the makers also tackled other issues with winXP when it comes to speed. I have read general ideas though to speed up performance like performing disk cleanup. Running only necessary programs and reducing visual effects on windows can also be of great help in optimizing speed. So I thought it might be a good idea sharing these tips with other users to speedup windows processing time

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