SubMaster is an awesome visual subtitle editor and translator

Most movie subtitles you find on Internet doesn’t need to be edited or time-synced. Simply load them into your favorite movie player and they work, just like that. This is true for only new and popular movies, however. Try finding subtitles for some obscure movie and you will be lucky to get one. Even if you do, it’s likely to have lots of errors in transcriptions/translations of dialogs and annoyingly out of sync.

When that happens I fire up Subtitle Workshop and try to fix the errors. Subtitle Workshop is pretty amazing and one of the most powerful subtitle editor you could lay your hands on to.

Today I discovered another fantastic subtitle editor – SubMaster.

Update: Due to naming issues (a software by the same name already exist), SubMaster has been renamed to Kijio.

Kijio (or SubMaster) is a new kind of subtitle editing software where instead of just textboxes, you get a full visual control of the subtitles on a timeline.


When you load movie and a subtitle into the editor, you can see all the entries on the subtitle as tiny brown boxes on a timeline scrolling past as the movie progresses. Hovering the mouse over a box shows the subtitle.


You can click on the boxes to edit the contents. Changing the time parameters is just a matter of dragging the boxes around. To set the offset for all the subtitles you can select all of them and just move them on the timeline. When you are editing, you can lock a box to the timeline or color code them to locate them easily. You can even edit two subtitles at the same time.

The built in subtitle translator is a killer addition to Kijio (or SubMaster). It can automatically translate the subtitles in over 56 languages (Internet connection required). This comes handy when you cannot find a subtitle in your language. Download a subtitle on another language and translate it to one you understand.


Kijio (or SubMaster) is still in beta stages and there are some stability issues which the developers need to work on. Fortunately, it always offers to save before crashing.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I use Windows XP
    Have Microsoft Net Framework 2.0
    Load subtitle and avi movie,

    But nothing happens (cannot move the slider as well)

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Sadly, the author seems to have no idea about UI paradigms. It's terribly confusing and counter-intuitive.

    On top of that, it seems it's an early version and it's full of bugs. It corrupted my .srt file.

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