Zoner Photo Studio Free – Photo editing tool for the masses

A large number of users find Adobe Photoshop and applications of similar caliber too intimidating, and rightly so. After all how many point and shoot digital camera owners understand histograms and gradient map, or know how to use the Healing brush. It’s like asking them to mash potatoes with a sledgehammer. What these folks need is a simplified, automated image editing tool, and Zoner Photo Studio Free fits the requirements.


Zoner Photo Studio Free is the free version of Zoner Photo Studio Professional carrying a subset of functions found on the paid product. These functions include basic photo manipulation tools and enhancement filters that suit the everyday needs of a typical user.

Zoner Photo Studio Free sports a sleek and dark interface (other color schemes are available). The software comes with three modules – Manager, Viewer and Editor.

The Manager allows you to quickly transfer pictures from your digital camera, scanner or USB drives and sort them according to name, size, dimension, date and a ridiculous number of different ways such as by exposure time, ISO, white balance, orientation etc. You can tag pictures, add description, and edit EXIF in batch mode. You can even add audio notes to your photos. It can also read GPS data and map the coordinates on Google Earth.

A powerful filter and search tool lets you quickly find photos based on several different search criteria.

The Viewer lets you browse your collection either manually or as an automated slideshow. Basic tools like rotate, zoom and rename are available via a context-menu cramped with all sorts of tools.


The Editor offers several one-click fixes for sharpening blurred photos as well as tools for adjusting color levels, saturation level etc. Dozens of artistic filters like grayscale, old photograph, oil paint, emboss allows you to stylize your photos. The program also supports layer using which you can add overlay text, watermark and even another image as watermark.

Other tools like cropping, red-eye remove, clone stamp, paint brush, morph etc are also there.


Zoner Photo Studio Free also lets you create panoramas by stitching several photos together and also 3D images. To create a 3D image you have to take picture of an object or scene from two different angles and feed them to the 3D creation tool. The resulting 3D image can be viewed with a 3D glass.

Then there is a tool to create personalized calendars and contact sheet.


Finally, Zoner Photo Studio Free implements a sharing tool through which you can send photos by email or upload them to Facebook or Flickr.

Features overview:

  • Tabbed interface
  • Transfer photos from various sources like digital camera and scanner
  • Organize your collection by tagging them, adding audio notes and editing EXIF data.
  • Import export GPS data to Google Earth
  • Powerful search and filter
  • Image adjustment tools like white balance, saturation etc
  • Red eye removal, clone stamp and iron tool etc
  • Various artistic image filters
  • Format conversion
  • Splitting and joining of multi-page TIFF files
  • Create calendars using dozens of different templates
  • Create panorama, 3D image
  • Slideshow viewer
  • Upload to Facebook, Flickr or email
  • Comprehensive help file included
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