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5 short links for today #39

1. 9 New Uses For Your Old iPhone: Plan on upgrading to the latest iPhone 4? Great, but what do you do with your old iPhone or iPod Touch that now looks old, useless, and outdated? You could sell it or you could use it as a universal remote, a secondary storage device, or turn it into a Wifi phone. Tom’s Hardware tells you how to get the most out of your old iPhone.

2. Vuvuzela Time: Browse the web as if you are at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Supply the URL of a page and view with a constant drone of vuvuzela in the background.

3. What colour is the Sun? The color of the sun as seen above the earth’s interfering atmosphere is neither white nor yellow but peach pinkish. In terms of hex code it can be approximated as #FFF3EA or the color of the box below. Strange, isn’t it?


4. What the Hex? Talking about colors, can you guess the color from it’s hex code? Well, take this test.

5. Microsoft Research has created a Programming Language for Genetic Engineering of Living Cells that allows logical interactions between potentially undetermined proteins and genes to be expressed in a modular manner. Programs can be translated by a compiler into sequences of standard biological parts, a process which relies on logic programming and prototype databases that contain known biological parts and protein interactions. Programs can also be translated to reactions, allowing simulations to be carried out.


  1. Hmmmm. The Vuvuzela Time link is flagged and redirected by OpenDNS as a possible phishing site.


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