Bonkey – Backup files to Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles and more

Bonkey is an open source, Java based backup application that can backup data to FTP, network drives and most storage devices, but it is specifically designed to be used with cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3 and Rackspace CloudFiles.

Like any typical backup software, a Bonkey user just need to select the files to be backed up, choose the frequency of backup, set the destination and done.

Bonkey’s interface is easy to understand.


Local files are shown on the right hand side of the screen in the ‘Locations’ tab. Locations are automatically created for local disks and for your user directory. User can add custom locations too.


Backup groups are backup jobs you have created. You can click on a job to edit it at any time. A play button just below allows you to run the backup. Any number of backup groups can be created.


Bonkey allows two different kinds of backup – complete backups and backup of modified files, which is also knows as differential backup. A complete backup will backup all the files in the group into a folder with the time and date of the backup. Using this method, there will be a separate copy of each file in the backup group made every time the backup is run. Complete backup is useful if you wish to maintain different versions of your files, and can be a life saver if you screw something up.

A backup of modified files, on the other hand, will backup the files into the same folder each time the backup is run and overwrite old copies of the files. Using this method, there is only one backup copy of the files – the most recent version – which will save space. This approach also saves time and bandwidth.

Features Overview

  • Backup to multiple locations, including Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, SFTP, FTP, Windows shares, and local disks
  • Backup Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Backup automatically at a set interval and at a set time if desired
  • Email any errors during backup to your email address
  • Backup only files that have changed, or a snapshot of the files you select
  • Compress and encrypt files during backup
  • Bonkey runs as a Windows service so no need to login for it to start
  • Synchronisation options to remove out of date files from backup targets
  • Built-in restore wizard to restore to a folder or original file locations

Bonkey is available for Windows as well as the Mac platform.

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    You can use S3 Browser to access your backups, download backed up files and more.

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