Flickr-Getty deal brings photo sales option to Flickr

Massively popular photo sharing website Flickr has introduced a new option which allows photographers to publicly nominate their images for licensing by Getty Images, opening doors for new revenue opportunities for photographers.

In the initial Flickr – Getty partnership, that happened in 2008, Getty representatives hand picked Flickr photos and photographers they liked for licensing. Later, Flickr members could offer their own candidates for evaluation by Getty for licensing.

Last week a new option called Request to License was adopted that let photographers nominate photos for licensing without having Getty representatives evaluate them first. Once a photographer joins the Request to License program, photos will sport this option labeled with the Getty logo through which customers may request a license.

When a customer sees an image marked for license, they can click on the link and be put in touch with a representative from Getty Images who will help handle details like permissions, releases and pricing.

The Flickr-Getty partnership has already grown to a strength of 100,000 images for licensing. The money making opportunity will drive even more photographers to share photos on Flickr.

[via Cnet]

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