Free download SAP Crystal Presentation Design full version

SAP Crystal Presentation Design, formerly known as Xcelsius Present software, is an easy to use data visualization software that can create eye catching interactive Flash based presentations from ordinary spreadsheets.

SAP Crystal Presentation Design allows you to turn Microsoft Excel data into professional-looking presentations through a straightforward point-and-click interface. It offers a rich library of ready to use charts, maps, gauges, progress bars, and more for creating interactive and engaging data visualizations.


The presentations can be exported into various formats – Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Adobe PDF. In addition, SAP Crystal Presentation Design integrates with Adobe Acrobat 9, enabling your end users to save their what-if scenario analyses and share them with team members.


  • Dynamic charts and graphs, including bar charts, pie charts, and other insightful information displays
  • Microsoft Excel–based dashboards, to consolidate multiple spreadsheets into a single visual interface
  • Data presentations, helping you communicate necessary information to executives, customers, partners, and other business users
  • Visual what-if scenarios, to envision potential business models and enrich decision making
  • Budget plans, accommodating any number of schedules and formats
  • Executive summaries, for highlighting key information
  • Forecast models, tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Visual business analytics, for simplifying your business key performance indicators
  • ROI calculators, for assessing return on investment
  • Financial models, to support key financial operations

To celebrate the new SAP Crystal brand (formerly marketed under the name Xcelsius Present), SAP Crystal Presentation Design is made available free for a limited time. That’s a saving of $195.

To get your free license code visit this page, fill the form and submit. Your free product key will be mailed to you.

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