Google lets you change the homepage background image

Google is know for it’s minimalist design and clean homepage. But that’s about to change. Taking a cue from Bing, Google today rolled out a new feature that allows users to add their own background wallpaper image to the search homepage.

Login to your Google account and click on ‘Change Background Image’ link at bottom left part of Google homepage. The feature is rolled out in phases so if you live outside the US you might not see it for a few days.



After you’ve clicked on the link, you can choose a photo from your computer, your own Picasa Web Album or a public gallery hosted by Picasa which includes a selection of beautiful photos.

For those of you who want to enjoy the clean, simple look of Google as well as your personalized view, Google has made it easy to switch between your customized search page and classic Google.

[via Google Blog]

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