IE9 preview 3: More outstanding demos

Microsoft is determined to leave the ghost of the past behind with Internet Explorer 9, and they are damn serious about it. Earlier this year the Redmond company demonstrated some awesome capabilities in the upcoming browser loaded with hardware acceleration, HTML5 and some big tweaks in the JavaScript engine. Today the third release of IE9 preview is out.

Microsoft continues to focus on hardware acceleration, being the next big thing to come to browsers, to enable the same standards-based markup to run faster. The new release also features HTML5 canvas, audio and video support and support for web fonts.

The above video of the same markup running in IE9 and other browsers clearly shows what hardware acceleration means for the new, graphically rich and interactive HTML5 websites to come from developers:

HTML5 is just one area. JavaScript is another component where IE9 excels beyond expectation with impressive scores on Webkit Sunspider. The new JavaScript engine also brings supports for ES5. On Acid 3, the score jumped to 83 from 68 in the last platform preview.


You can download the new IE9 preview and test drive the various demos yourself, or read more about the test at the official MSDN blog.

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