Musicy – Listen to and Rip streaming radio stations

Musicy is an open source Internet radio station player that allows you to listen and rip streaming station at the same time, perfect for those moments when the radio starts playing a beautiful song and you wish to have it in your collection.

Musicy interface is umm… a bit ugly, which often happens to open source projects run by single guys. “We are programmers, not designers, damn it!”. Yeah, I understand. But, whatever it lacks in appearance it surely makes up with functionality.


In the screenshot above you can see four different child windows housed under a single program window. The one on top left is the Stations window. Here you can search for stations by genre, keywords or play any random stations. Musicy doesn’t come with a pre defined list of stations, which is good because you are free to choose your own stations. And yes, it supports Shoutcast, which is all I need.

Right below the Stations window is a small Player window with Play and Stop buttons, and a volume controller.


On the top right is the Ripper window. Once you start playing a station, click on Start Rip to start ripping the station to the hard disk. The location where you want the streaming media to be saved can be configured from the Settings window.

The Ripper shows the amount of bytes saved and bitrates in real time. Now here is an interesting feature. You can select multiple stations on the Stations window and click Rip all, to rip the selected stations all at the same time. And you don’t have to listen to them while it rips! This is a great way to silently rip music while at work.

On the bottom right is the Library window, where you can manage the media files you ripped and edit song information like Artist, Title etc. I’m not sure anybody will use the Library, but it’s available.

So there you have it. A perfect radio station player and ripper for your desktop.

Download Musicy

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    If you like this, you haven't tried RadioSure (freeware).

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